“Rhino BASICS Workshops”: run by Siavash Malek – 7th/20th September

After a resounding response to our AutoCAD BASICS workshops, we identified that software training was a core concern for many members of the ABA and architecture community at large . Hosted by the ABA and run by tutor and FabLab expert Siavash Malek, our intensive four hour Rhino basics workshops honed essential skills and knowledge of this[…]

“Best Small Club Event of 2016” ABA. award recipient at the 2016 UMSU Clubs Awards Night – 7th September

The ABA was awarded the Best Small Club Event for 2016 at the annual University of  Melbourne Student Union Clubs Awards Night for our two AutoCAD BASICS software workshops at the beginning of the semester. The ABA has worked tirelessly over the past couple of months to achieve what many clubs could even fathom. We made[…]

“Women in the Construction Industry”: a feature presentation – 13th September

                A presentation of seven powerful female voices in the built environments industry inspired the young women, and men, that are studying architecture and construction about their future prospects in the industry. One thing the ABA have noticed is that University’s do not address the social aspects of the industry such[…]

Visualising your home

  Home sweet home! Expanding on the definition of “home”, a home is more than a shelter that one permanently lives. By virtue of the most common words of advice presented through to me over the years, it could be “Home is where the heart is” or the much more realist view of a structure providing at a minimum[…]

Congratulations to Matthew Driver!

“Tom’s talk was refreshingly honest and upfront about the realities of work within the construction and engineering industry. By not sugarcoating facts Tom has better enabled me to understand what learning pathways to take and the steps required to be successful in the industry. Winning the door prize has provided me with a leg up[…]

ABA.-Now powered by TILT

As of this afternoon we have formally signed an agreement with crowd funding organisation TILT! This will enable the ABA to being the process of online signups and finance diversification! TILT is a startup organisation based in the US that has helped countless organisations, large and small, reach their financial goals, grow their membership base and[…]

Victoria’s Royal Botanical Gardens: Help shape its Future

The Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria have complimented Melbourne as an world renown city for over 170 years through internationally sourced specimens to Australian native plants. The picturesque landscapes within this 38 hectare site are carefully curated to draw in 1.6 million people through the gates each year and best of all, its free to enter! Personally,[…]

“True Insights into the Construction Industry”: Tom Scash, Training Ahead Australia – 16th August

Presenter Tom Scash, director of Training Ahead shared current and valuable information about life in the construction sector with over 17 years experience in the field. Tom initially approached ABA at Orientation week of 2016 and sharing his passion for construction, we were instantly mesmerised by his ability to communicate and his critical analysis of the[…]