ABA Social Drinks

The start of a new semester means hello to sleepless nights and goodbye to sleeping in. Why not share your pain with the ABA team. On Friday the 16th Of March, ABA will be holding a Social drinks night. The invitation is open to all ABA members. This is a good chance to meet new[…]

Revit Workshop

ABA as in the past and now have identified the need for students to learn industry software and its importance for your university degree and your career. This year on the 12th and 13th of October, ABA hosted 2 and half hour Revit workshops. Revit is used to create digital drawings, 3D models, sections and[…]

Architectural madness – Hitching a skyscraper to an Asteroid to let it float over our cities.

Architectural madness – Hitching a skyscraper to an Asteroid to let it float over our cities. WHAAAAT!?   New York Architects – Clouds Architecture Office –  have found a way to take architectural design to the next level (quite literally).  The proposal from New-York based architecture firm – Clouds Architecture – involves strapping a building[…]

Coming Soon : Revit Workshop 2017

We will be holding a Revit workshop within the coming weeks, stay tuned for more information ! Revit is a software widely used in the industry, that allows you to accurately model designs. Learning the software during university will be great asset for not only future university projects but also your future career.

“Rhino BASICS Workshops”: run by Siavash Malek – 7th/20th September

After a resounding response to our AutoCAD BASICS workshops, we identified that software training was a core concern for many members of the ABA and architecture community at large . Hosted by the ABA and run by tutor and FabLab expert Siavash Malek, our intensive four hour Rhino basics workshops honed essential skills and knowledge of this[…]

“Best Small Club Event of 2016” ABA. award recipient at the 2016 UMSU Clubs Awards Night – 7th September

The ABA was awarded the Best Small Club Event for 2016 at the annual University of  Melbourne Student Union Clubs Awards Night for our two AutoCAD BASICS software workshops at the beginning of the semester. The ABA has worked tirelessly over the past couple of months to achieve what many clubs could even fathom. We made[…]

“Women in the Construction Industry”: a feature presentation – 13th September

                A presentation of seven powerful female voices in the built environments industry inspired the young women, and men, that are studying architecture and construction about their future prospects in the industry. One thing the ABA have noticed is that University’s do not address the social aspects of the industry such[…]

Visualising your home

  Home sweet home! Expanding on the definition of “home”, a home is more than a shelter that one permanently lives. By virtue of the most common words of advice presented through to me over the years, it could be “Home is where the heart is” or the much more realist view of a structure providing at a minimum[…]