June 2, 2015



The Architecture and Building Association (ABA) is a student lead initiative, providing university students with a professional networking platform. It also strives to provide learning opportunities throughout the events and programs it facilitates. Whether you’re a first year student that’s simply interested in the building industry or a graduate within the university looking to improve career prospects and create a professional network, this club offers something for everyone.


Founded at The University of Melbourne in 2015, the Architecture and Building Association constitutional aims are to:

1. To create interest in important issues relating to architecture and building (e.g. sustainability and political influences).

2. To provide a networking platform for those with an interest in the building industry.

3. To discuss modern and potential future ideas and developments relating to the industry (e.g. micro-houses, smart houses and technological developments).

4. To add to the university experience of fun-loving and like-minded students at club-hosted events.

5. To offer student-interest driven and multidisciplinary learning opportunities (e.g.design, technology, career/employability, sustainability, economic and ethical learning opportunities) reflecting the university’s model.

So sign up now, and receive a personal invites by joining our Facebook group.

Yours faithfully, the ABA Team.