“Women in the Construction Industry”: a feature presentation – 13th September

Danielle Savio – Gazella

Asoc. Prof Valerie Francis – Fac. ABPL, Uni Melb









A presentation of seven powerful female voices in the built environments industry inspired the young women, and men, that are studying architecture and construction about their future prospects in the industry.

One thing the ABA have noticed is that University’s do not address the social aspects of the industry such as gender equality and mental health. This feature presentation provided insight into the current opportunities for female construction students backed by real world experience. Each presenter explored how women in the industry achieve success, challenges faced, opportunities seized, and career choices that ultimately define the people they are today.


Jacqueline Bartholomeusz – FKA


Andrea McPherson – SHAPE









Danielle Savio – Gazella 

Andrea McPherson –SHAPE Group

Jacqueline Bartholomeusz, Nidhya Sakathevan and Ashleigh Briggs- Fender Katsalidis Architects

Asoc. Professor Valerie Francis- Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne


Ashleigh Briggs – FKA