Visualising your home


Home sweet home!

Expanding on the definition of “home”, a home is more than a shelter that one permanently lives. By virtue of the most common words of advice presented through to me over the years, it could be “Home is where the heart is” or the much more realist view of a structure providing at a minimum (square box with a door, drinking water coming in, a bed and a window etc).


For me, it is not just a personal belonging in the physical sense but an expression of ones self being comfortable within one’s surroundings and enjoying the little things that bring you peace.

It is as individual as one makes it to be.

I have a door to keep the wind out. I bought a coffee table to keep my feet up. I recycled Coles plastic bags to keep the waste to a minimal. I mopped the floors as a remedy to keep it clean.

Underlying problems can be solved.

There is symmetry, asymmetry, composition, abstraction, built structures overshadowing various shapes within transitioning moments of sunlight, your belongings forming non-systematic patterns across the window sill like the city skyline of Melbourne and so on.

Concepts and ideas can be discovered.



Home sure is a wonderful place.


– William on behalf of the ABA team