Victoria’s Royal Botanical Gardens: Help shape its Future

The Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria have complimented Melbourne as an world renown city for over 170 years through internationally sourced specimens to Australian native plants. The picturesque landscapes within this 38 hectare site are carefully curated to draw in 1.6 million people through the gates each year and best of all, its free to enter!

Personally, the Botanical Gardens is source of inspiration, a place of relaxation, an area to enjoy picnics, a brilliant place to bring a date and forms the premier running track of Melbourne. It is a truly unique place.

Guilfoyle’s Volcano (2010) by Landscape Architect Andrew Laidlaw.

Guilfoyle’s Volcano (2010) by Landscape Architect Andrew Laidlaw.

This month Melbournians, visitors of Melbourne and students alike have the chance to take part in shaping this majestic greenery through a 4 minute survey. Whether its better access into the parks, better signage or if you’d like to see events such as the Moonlight Cinemas run more frequently; now is your chance.


Have your say in Melbourne Gardens Master Plan 2017-2036 which runs until 5pm 30th August 2016.

You may also want to Visit on Saturday 20 August, 11am to 3pm at the Visitor Centre, Birdwood Avenue, to meet the Master Plan team and share your ideas.

-William on behalf of the ABA team