“True Insights into the Construction Industry”: Tom Scash, Training Ahead Australia – 16th August


Presenter Tom Scash, director of Training Ahead shared current and valuable information about life in the construction sector with over 17 years experience in the field.

Tom initially approached ABA at Orientation week of 2016 and sharing his passion for construction, we were instantly mesmerised by his ability to communicate and his critical analysis of the Construction industry. Tom’s¬†presentation explored:

  • Ways students can best prepare themselves to be job ready and put themselves ahead of others in a competitive market
  • Strategies students can implement to make them stand out in the eyes of potential employers
  • Understanding the importance of networking and why it should start as early as possible
  • Understanding what training should be completed (as well as your degree) to put students ahead of the pack
  • Realistic expectations on wages, career advancement and employment opportunities across Australia now and in the future
  • Information about the often demanding lifestyle and working conditions in construction
  • Understanding burnout, isolation and strategies to avoid depression and anxiety, especially in remote roles
  • Personal budgeting and finances. Taking opportunities, avoiding traps, government assisted training and basic tax considerations

We are extremely grateful for Tom’s time and we highly recommend his training to any firms seeking to improve their social and professional workforce. See how you can improve your business with Training Ahead Australia.