“Innovation” – Lend Lease


Joined by Andrew Smith and James Wewer of Lend Lease we were given an in depth insight into the activities that occur when adopting new an innovative processes. James Wewer (Sustainability Manager) detailed current industry standards and developed on this by detailing certain approaches to creating new services as an industry trendsetter. Following this Andrew Smith (Business Development Manager) detailed Lend Lease’s Timber Solutions division – setting themselves apart by the CLT and Glulam products they utilize.

In summation it was informative in the sense that it provided further knowledge of what is being done at the forefront of the construction and design industries. Secondly, it gave an insight into the ways we can foster innovation in our own careers, which as students can provide such a great advantage.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to James, Andrew and the Lend Lease team responsible for the events coordination.