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The Architecture and Building Association (ABA) is a student lead initiative, providing university students with a professional networking platform. It also strives to provide learning opportunities throughout the events and programs it facilitates. Whether you’re a first year student that’s simply interested in the building industry or a graduate within the university looking to improve career prospects and create a professional network, this club offers something for everyone.

So be sure to sign up to a club with something to offer for everyone, or get in contact with us via email. We look forward to seeing you around!


Young, energetic and professional
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Vaishnavi Muralidhar

Being a part of a highly motivated team gives me purpose. It enables me to work towards helping other students advance personally and professionally. With the ABA – a club that is governed by the ideas of knowledge transfer and community engagement – there is only scope for growth.
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Nathaniel Foo

Vice President
Our mission is to make ABA an established club guiding others into the industry. Being an education officer and a freelance photographer in ABA, it is an honor to establish the club’s connections between other societies while capturing the moments occurred during the events organised by the club.
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Connor Forsyth

There is an innate bond between all architecture students in any educational institution. ABA is a platform for members to gain contact with industry, share knowledge and experience. Our mission is to enhance the university experience for aspiring architects and students of design.
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Sohan Mitra

ABA prepares aspiring Architecture and Design students to meet the changing industry requirements by organising Industry Nights, Software Workshops and also Mentoring Sessions. As Treasurer, I believe that with the right financial planning, we can efficiently and effectively fulfil the club’s long term vision.
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Simrat Kaur Mehta

Education Officer
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David Ong

Events – Senior Host
A new addition to the committee with great passion and enthusiasm to continue the ongoing accomplishments of a growing club. Being a host enables me to ensure that members have the opportunity to make long-lasting connections with their peers and develop professional skills.
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Leela Calalang

Events – Photographer
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Kelvin Ng

Social Media Manager
In the digital age of today, marketing is done primarily through social media which allows instant connections with a tap of a button. This networking aligns itself with the ABA, providing a platform for design students to interact – something that will prove invaluable in the future.
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Isurie Weerasinha

Website Manager
Being ABA’s website manager allows me to communicate our new events and industry news to the students of Melbourne University. An up-to-date website allows you to be a part of our community. We are always excited to see you learn new skills and enjoy our events.
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Xiaojin Huang

On-Campus Advertiser

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